Cara Membuat Tulisan Unik di BBM

Of course, we've often found someone writes something good in BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Facebook, Google, MySpace or another with writing and unique character not usually.

Many people refer to the unique posts in this fuel as the AutoText, I myself was puzzled why be called AutoText. Though the meaning of AutoText is making posts automatically by typing the characters of course. What is unique because we make the writing is not the type itself or how I do not know.

How to Create AutoText Unique Posts

To make the text either unique or AutoText in BlackBerry Messenger chat, status updates on Facebook, Google, MySpace or another is actually quite easy. There are many sites that provide services to create unique writing. Some of them are (I've discussed previously) and

How to make AutoText and unique article with is easy. We simply visit the home page and then select the category unique character of the desired article. After kia select a character then we fill text or writing to be made uniquely.

The last step is to copy and pasting text or character that is so unique to the BlackBerry Messenger,

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